Will Natto clear up? 納豆菌の威力はいかが?


Yesterday, I was trying to find a good way to make water in my aquarium clearer googling internet. I found some chemicals used to clear the tap water. However it is not directly applicable to aquariums. One article that attracted me was to use natto (fermented soybean) bacteria. Interesting isn't it? Sticky natto bacteria makes water clearer. The site recommends to use water after washing some natto with it. But, I decided to use whole natto that, I thought, can be food for fish.

This morning I dropped some natto into the aquarium. I had expected many fish and shrimps would be attracted because of the smell of natto. But, they were almost ignoring the natto for several minutes. The first brave fish was cardnal tetra. Especially one of them started to peck the natto. When debris were swirling, the other came to eat them. But the other fish did not try to peck the natto beans themselves.

After another several minutes, one rosy bitterling (Rhodeus ocellatus) followed the cardinal tetra. They pecked the natto alternately. No shrimp or plecostomus came closer.

At this time I had to go out for several hours. When I came back, almost all natto has gone. And the last one still pecking was the rosy bitterling.

This pleco recentlly scarcely seen appeared but showed no interests to the natto.

The large one also ignored the natto.

After several trial, the other fish and shrimps started to peck natto. However, effect to the transparency is still unkown.

By the way, the tank has not been kept without a pump and a filter since May. There has been no problem so far.