春も忙しい Spring is busy, too.

I have little to do in winter, but spring is a season as busy as autumn. Various things are progressing fast indoor and outdoor

Flowers of lenten roses that I was pleased to see them flower a lot must be pruned. They say letting them have seeds makes them consume too much energy.  In our case, I call it easy garden, sparing chore. So, many times it was too late to prune, or not pruned at all, and seeds drops around and many young plants are increasing. However, they flower well gallantly every year. However, I have to be attentive to the young ones and weakened ones.

Rearranging of pots is necessary from indoor to outdoor, under frost shade to sunny places, or from rear corner to the main stage. One of the pleasing reasons is that they flower. These two pots were left outdoor during winter, but they are about to flower.

This is an orchid called maxillaria.

This is a kind of Albuca. 

It is a season to repot succulents. Especially as these sempervivum do not like hot weather, I cannot miss this season. They are yet too crowded even after repotting.

Tuberous begonia either cannot take the heat, so there is no season for it other than now.

These succulents are repotted, too.  They will not look good for a while.

On trees, young branches grow furiously, and they must be cut and pruned.
This is a kind of oak. Let them grow as they want, the garden under it would be pitch dark.

This is a long leaf pine. Because of apical dominance, if not pruned, it grows terribly tall and will not be able to handle, moreover the lower part of the tree becomes bold and grows to ugly shape. As I did not know that when I planted this, it grew very long tall. But, by pruning little by little, there grow young branches from the lower trunk. Still, the shape is ugly enough.

As the hosta was hidden in the shrub of rosea, I cut some rosea around it. Rosea shows us very beautiful flowers, but at the same time it is very invasive and troublesome.

As much as the plants are energetic, bugs get active, too. Roses are attacked by aphid and sawfly. This year, as I sprayed insecticide that is less poisonous to humans or animals, there is no big problem. However, I cannot let my guard down. I watch everyday, and if found, I kill them.

Buds of peony is favorite of aphids. I cannot stop staying alert.

Another reason to be so busy is that I now more and more interested in Bonsai. I am afraid I will get bogged.

Grass bonsai were something that I worked on from before, but it has been a while since I made the last Kokedama.

Sweet flag that grew too much were pruned and planted on a porous stone.

Several seedling of pomegranate were planted in a shape of forest on a flat pot. The Canadian columbine germinates naturally everywhere in my garden.

Still there are things to be done. For example, this chain of hearts were left outside during winter, so all the leaves were gone. However, the tubers remain healthy, and started to grow young leaves. The soil around look stiff, so I'd better replant it. I would do it tomorrow or later.

There are things discouraging but many pleasing facts at the same time when I wonder in our small garden. 

This is a camellia calle Taro-an. I was impressed by the one that I saw a lot of flowers were blooming on in the garden of a  Japanese cake shop at Inuyama. And I bought this after that. It flowered once or twice, but as I poured too much water and make it soggy literally. This year it bears many young buds. I believe it will soon show flowers again.

An hydrangea next to the camellia bore a bud. This is the first time after the last flower in the year when I bought it.

This iris is the one that we were given by our next-door. It flowered at last after so much trouble.

I will be busy for a while.


起きなさいね Wake up, Wake up

It is time to wake up my selaginellas.
To do so, I removed a vinyl covering them whole winter, and poured water a few days ago. Next day was rain. So they should have been soaked.

Still some are not waken up. You sluggers!

It seems young or small ones wake up faster than the big old ones. This reminds me when I was a kid, I woke up on every Sunday much earlier than my parents and had nothing to do until they woke up.

This is the one about to wake up.

This is a hyacinth that has come to our home many years ago. Although it does not have a big flower, it blooms faithfully in spring every year.

Primula flowers are jam-packed!

Lenten roses are also still in good shapes.