Vanda falcata 風蘭

I put this vanda falcata on the tree several years ago after I had been keeping it for more than ten years in a pot.  It was just OK in the pot.  Some flowers, grow slowly,...    Pedunculate Oak is the tree.  At that time it was just a trial to see if it survives.  After all it seems to like the location really well.

Strewing pesticide 殺虫剤散布

The rain stopped late morning.  I strewed pesticide to protect my selaginellas from armyworms.  This is a monthly task.  I won't forget that they suffered terribly last year.

The pesticide has been working very well.  One thing I am worrying is the substances that forms its granular shape.  The effect last about a month, but the granules are melted and stay.  It may affect the drainage of the soil.