Cooling off  暑さを逃れて

It is horribly hot here. Outside temp is 36 deg C high and the low is 26 deg C. When I go outside, I really feel like I enter an heated oven. Some of my succulents died. It is about time to let some of the plats cool off in the air-conditioned room.

The first one I brought in was this fern. As it is planted in a small dent on a porous lava rock, the heat affected it really badly. I took it in when it was about to become dry leaves. With some water in the dish under the rock, now it looks really pleased.

The next are bulbous Begonias. They are known to hate summer heat. Last year it went hibernated dropping all their leaves. Mostly they recover in autumn, but I think it has their big energy lost. I took them in when they started losing their leaves.

This one have two young seed sheaths, and I wish they survive to grow into young plants. 

It was a little too late for this one. The main stem is dying, but the young buds started to grow from the soil.