巻柏食害 Selaginella suffered pest damage


I came back home after about ten day's absence, and found my selaginella looked strange.  In many pots new leaves were cutaway miserably.  WTF??!!

ナメクジ? ナメクジ駆除薬撒いてみた。
そういえばこないだ珍しく多めに肥料をやったな,あれかも? そうだとすると植え替えかなぁ・・・。

"Was this done by slug?", asking myself I poured pesticide for slugs.
"Wait a minute, I gave a little larger amount of fertilizer than usual.  Was it the cause?  If so I have to replant them."  Then, I googled, and found there are articles about armyworms.


At night ignoring attacks of mosquitoes, I surveyed the pots with a hand torch.  There were not slug, but on one pot were a armyworm.  "Take this and die!", I stomped on it.


Searching a storage, I found another pesticide that is effective for armyworms.  Usually, this is used for worms on leaves, so mixed with filming agent.  But, in this case the worms are mostly in soil and I thought the sticky agent might be bad for selaginella leaves, and decided to use it by itself.  Mixed with water, I poured a lot.  "Do you like it?  M.F.!!"   

Next morning, there found one dead worm.


In the afternoon two more, but one adult moth flew away that I assumed just emerged from a cocoon.  So, the battle continues.

毎日水やりをするので薬の効果も薄れるだろうと,翌週にも撒いた。薬が無くなってしまったので,新たに買い増しに行った。住友化学のサイトによると撒いた薬は,葉っぱに付いているのに効果大のようだ。他にも二種類効く薬がある。 一つはデナポン5%ベイト。名前の通り,土の上に置くと,土中の虫がおびき寄せられて食べて死ぬらしい。
I applied it next week, thinking as I water every day, the efficacy would diminish.  I used up most of the stocks, so I went to buy more.  According to the site of Mumitomo chemical garden product, the pesticide I used is most effective for the worms on leaves.  There I found two more that are effective to armyworms.  One is a kind of Carbaryl bait.  As the name shows, it attracts worms in the soil and kill them.

And, standrad Orthoran.  This kills worms in the soil, and also kills worms that eat the plants since plants absorbs and store in their body.  I should have kept this in my stocks and applied regularly.


I felt like I can understand the people who keep on owning nuclear weapons.


メダカが消えた 水槽レイアウト変更(その4) Rice fish vanished. Aquarium layout was changed. - four


After about a month, the water got cleaner and cleaner.
So, I added some fish.
The day before yesterday, I put ten neon tetra and ten rice fish.


On the day, they were fine.  However, next day there was only one rice fish.
There were one that had been there, and one of the news.  This happened before, so this time I took very long time to adjust water.  But,...


At last, I searched the internet, and found one possible cause that is stream.  This tank is big and have a lot of plants, I keep the stream rather strong.  It is said that rice fish cannot take strong current.
We are taught in the elementary school that rice fish has nature of swimming against currents.  If current is strong, it is said, they continue swimming hard until they die.  OMG.
Then the surviving two are race swimmers, or just lazy guys?


However, it is my character that do not give up there.  Today, I bought twenty albino growlights.  These would be OK since they are one of tetras.  But, still small, I wish they won't be eaten by the others.

I noticed at the fish shop that there are many fish named as balloon something.  There are one species in my tank, but many kinds there.  Like balloon molly, balloon moenkhausia, balloon sumatra, etc.  I am afraid they are artificially gene mixed.  Horrible, horrible.

枝刈り Pruning

I have two trees that I believe are honeylocusts, or Fabaceae Gleditsia.  The reason I say "I believe" is, I grew them from seeds that I picked up at somewhere.

生えていた所ではビルの5階くらいまで伸びていたから,放っておくととんでもないことになる。 時々切っているのだが,この季節は成長が早い。
今朝起きたとき二階の窓から見て気づいた,「二階の屋根より高く伸びてるのは不味いよな・・・」。隣の庭にもぐいっと張り出しているのも失礼だし,剪定することにした。 日除けとしても重宝しているので,あまり下の方でなく,上の方で切りたい。
They were about the height of five floor building there, they grow horribly if left as they are.  I cut from time to time, but they grow fast in this season.
When I wake up, and noticed the hight looking through the window upstairs.  "It is not good to let them grow taller than the roof of the second floor."  They also, hang above the garden of the next door rudely.  I decided to prune on the day.  I must cut them at the high positions since we are using them as sun shade, too.

そういう時に役立つのが,Wolf gartenの高枝処理道具。
In these occasions, the tools from Wolf Garten are useful.

ポールに鋏を挿して,鋏から垂れ下がる長い紐を下から引くと切れる。かなり太い枝も切れる。原始的な仕組みだが,性能は凄い。 全部伸ばすと3mになり,鋏も結構な重さがあるので,支えているだけで結構な筋トレにもなる。 今回はノコギリは使わずに済んだが,もっと太い枝を切るにはこれも役に立つ。 切った後の枝がこれだ。
Pushing the scissors into the extension pole, and pulling the wire have the scissors cut branches.  They can cut fairly thick branches.  Very effective.  The pole extends to three meters, and the scissors are fairly heavy, so only keeping them can be a good muscle training.  This time I did not need to use the saw, but when I had to cut thicker branches, this works good.
These are pruned branches.

Leaves were separated to be compost.

このメーカを初めて知ったのは,もう何年も前,蓼科のバラクラ・イングリッシュガーデンの売店だった。 片言の日本語でドイツから来た若者が販売していた。 その時はセールの枝切り鋏。太い枝がバシバシ切れるのに感動して買った。 翌年もやはりセールで芝刈りばさみを買った。これも今でも使っている。 値段は少々高いが高性能は作業も楽になり,代え難い。
I met this brand for the first time years before at a shop at Barakuraa English Garden in Tateshina resort.  A young German man with smattering of Japanese were selling their products.  I bought a pruning scissors at sale, since they cut thick branches real smoothly.  Next year, a lawn scissors.  I use them often even now.  The price are a little expensive, but they make my work really easier, and cannot be expendable.

I bought the tools to prune high branches, when I found the one I had owned were too short by net shopping.

Departing from the subject, my left arm felt strong sting when I was processing the pruned branches.  I found a limacodidae on a leaf on a branch that I had.
Searching around, I found many of them.  Ten times revenge!!!