フジフィルム カメラ トライアル Fuji camera trial

フジフィルムが2日間のカメラ・レンズトライアルを行った。私は、X-T10 ボディと 60mm Macro lensを選んだ。おかげで綺麗なマクロ写真を撮ることが出来た。
Fujifilm offered two days free trial of their cameras and lenses. I chose the X-T10 and the 60mm Macro lens. They had me take beautiful macro pictures.
The X-T10 is lighter and smaller than the one I have which is X-E2, and it have even more and better features.

60mm マクロもコンパクトでシャープなレンズである。
60mm Macro is also compact and sharp lens. 

To start with, I took pictures at home.

Snapdragons are in full bloom.
Young succulents leaves.

Killifish are slowly growing.

Wild violets.


Next, I went to the Flarie that is a garden park managed by Nagoya city.

And, we found a creature hiding among leaves of plants.

Thanking for Fuji film, 


I got a little tired. lol


雨の日は On a rainy day.


今日は昼ごろから雨がふりだした。午後には遊んでいたキジバトの赤ん坊も、夕方暗くなると少し寒そうである。なんで木陰に隠れないのだろう? 親鳩を待っているのか?

It's started to rain from around noon today. The baby turtledoves were playing in the rain in the afternoon, but it looks a little cold after sky got darker in the evening. Why doesn't it hide under any tree? Is it waiting for their parent?

In a day like today, let's look back a picture in a bright day.

Since I thought I'd better stay indoor, I replanted succulents survived winter into three small pots. The larger one at the far back is the pot I made cuttings.

Looking at a pot of begonia, I found young leaves had come out - but from only one bulb. There is another bulb that might have been dead.

By the rainy window these succulents babies are sucking their parents, and growing fast without any water from outside. Amazing.


色違い Difference in color

Looking closely at my snapdragons that are third generation by natural seeding, I noticed there are more varieties than the original ones that were three types.

This is a red one.

This is a pink (?) one.

Pink but larger white portions.

Comparing the two types.


Dark yellow.


危なかった It was a close call.


After breakfast, as usual I was walking in the garden pinching finished flowers of pansies, exchanging a pot of calluna and checker berry near a window with a pot of flowering snapdragon, move the pot to a shady area,  pruning young leaves on trees, and searching aphids on young leaves of rose.

Berries of checker berries were all taken by bulbuls.

French Oak vividly grow new branches, and the ground under it gets shady if I fail to monitor the situation.

その時偶然、先日外に出した月下美人の鉢を見た。葉に何か付いている。カマキリの卵嚢だ。冬中内の中で育てていたのに気が付かなかったのだ。良かった〜! もし外に出していなかったら、部屋の中はカマキリの赤ちゃんと妻の叫び声で満たされているところだった。

Then by chance, I looked at a pot of queen of the night I brought out a few days ago. There is something on the leaf. An egg sac of mantis! I never noticed this while I was keeping the pot indoor whole winter. Lucky me. If I did not bring this outside early enough, the room would have been a full of baby insects and scream of my wife.


There is another egg sac that I know in the garden. At the top of this tree. Even though I was planning to prune this branch in winter, I waited not to because of this egg sac.

I don't know if it is a myth or not, but it is said if a mantis lay eggs at a higher place, it would snow heavily in the winter. This past winter was exceptionally warm in this area. So, I thought the mother laid the egg at the top of the tree made a big mistake. But there was another mother that correctly predicted the warm weather.


贈り物は俺の弱点 Gifts are my soft spots.



Today, I repotted five pots of hydrangea. The pots that I planted from cuttings last year. I don't intend to sell them. These are branches of a hydrangea that was gifted by one of my close acquaintances years ago. It is planted at the corner of our garden, and it was shaded as the surrounding trees grew large and leaves grew thick. Perhaps because of that, it has not been looking vivid for these past few years. I was worrying that it would die, but it is hard to dig up because of the surrounding trees and probably their roots.

元気な頃 When it was good.

周りの茂みに囲まれた。 It is hidden in the surrounding tree.


Gifts are one of my weak points. I would feel deeply sorry for the presenter if the given plants died. Of course, it happened more than several times. I regret them for long time.


So, I decided to grow clones from cuttings while the tree is alive, and planted them. Actually, I did two years ago, but it was not successful. Fortunately, the five plants successfully took roots. Today, I repotted them into one size larger ones. They look like their mother, don't they?

挿し木した鉢の内の3つ。 Three of them.

少々疲れた Tired a little.


NHK「植物男子ベランダー SEASON3」がビデオに録画されていた。始まったらしい。あれを見ると、ブログの調子が引きずられる。(笑)

An NHK TV drama "Botanical life of verandar season three" was recorded in video deck. It looks like it has started. After watching the drama, my way of blog sentences is influenced by the narration of the drama. ;-)
Spring is really here. Gardeners cannot help working. I decided to start several tasks that had been concerning me.


First of all, re-decorating the pot-tower in front of the front door. Since almost all succulents planted were dead during winter, I planted several cutting of succulents that were growing indoor. As the low temperature is subtle still, I planted ones that are low-temp hardy  and would see for the time being.


The next is repotting of potted plants. As I wanted to use pots that I bought a week ago at Shigaraki, and some succulents were over growing the pots, I did repotting. Especially as haworthias hate hot weather, now is the only chance. I rotted them before, so I worked having very careful having disinfected the roots before planting not like usual myself.

Haworthia skinneri cv, 蛍雪の松
Haworthia tessellata sp, 霜竜,
Name unknown, 無名の安売り品

Haworthia parva,パルバ 碧翠

Chain of hearts had been growing wildly indoor, so I chopped the vines and made three mini-pots, and replanted the mother plant into a pot one size larger. I think it is durable enough, so I did fairly rough.


As for Agave, a few days ago I repotted one named "Dancing fan of Qu Yuan". When I took it out, the roots were rotten. I repotted apologizing. Today, I repotted two whose roots were protruding from the pots to larger pots. They were healthy, but the inside were filled with roots.

屈原の舞扇 Dancing fan of Qu Yuan
ベネズエラ, Agave cundinamarcensis varigata

Agave filifera v. variegata,白糸の王妃錦

And, I refurbished succulents that survived even though they were left out in the garden. I made cutting of them and planted in a smaller pots.

嫁入り娘, Cotyledon
ルビーネックレス, Ruby necklace

Next was having change plants racks into a summer clothes. It is at the corner of my garden, and used for cold shelter in winter and sun shade in summer. It was covered by vinyl sheets in winter, and I replaced them with sun shading nets.

Walking around doing this and that, I found a silvestrii was flowering that I put outdoor a few days ago. It is regretful that I did not notice it while I was taking care of it with effort.

白檀, Silvestrii

I moved some pots indoor to out door.

ジャカランダ jacaranda

月下美人 Queen of the night

コルディリネ Cordyline


Finally, I replanted a Climbing Onion. It has been dried up since a month ago as I found that it must be kept dry while the leaves are not there. However, I started worrying since there has not been any sign of regrowing. I decided to repot while I check the status of the valve. Surprisingly enough the valve looked healthy and swelling. I decided to wait until a stem comes out after planted with new soil.

It took one full day to finish just these. There are much more to do. To be continued to tomorrow.