Brave or Too merry? 勇敢、それとも浮かれ過ぎ?


About a month ago, I wrote that one of my dendrobium did not succeed in flowering. However, fortunately it was a miscomprehension. The bud that I thought to be leaves turned out to be all flowers. Probably about twenty of flowers in total.

More buds for flowers.

Talking about flowering, this is a planter of snapdragons. The amazing thing is these are all growing naturally from self-sawn seeds. I bought several pots only once a few years ago. Every year after that they grow from self-sawn seeds. Snapdragon likes cold weather, and grows even in winter. They are ready to decorate early spring.

Talking about cold days, this week the weather is like back to winter, and north wind is blowing fiercely. But, there is a brave and merry one always. Only one kernia flower bloomed yesterday. Ooops, too early.


レンテンローズオンパレード  Lenten Rose on parade



Almost every year, I bought one or two pots of Lenten Roses in recent years. So, there are about ten types of them, now. Number of plants are more because some of them are really good at propagating themselves by dropping seeds. There are lots of variations of Lenten Roses, in their color, number of petals, fine difference of petal shape, etc. Truth is they are not petals but sepals, but who cares. Also, there is a large division of species by whether it is caulescent  or acaulescent. However, I cannot be sure my collections are which.


Let's compare how my plants differ from each other.

I have only one white one with white flowers. This is one of the oldest among mine.

My impression is yellow flowers appeared in the market very recently. Double flower looks gorgeous.

The others are all in a red category. This has very simple red color both outside and inside. Nice thing about this plant is it flowers really lot of flowers.

This is a red and double flower.

This flower is red but interior is white/green.

This is a flower came from the same plant above. Interior is whiter.

The interior is pink!

The interior is red and have dark vines. Also petals are ruffling.

This one has similar interior, but does not ruffle.

As the flowers of Lenten roses look down, it is not easy to take pictures of them. I invented this tool from one of the pruned branches, and used to twist flowers upward.

Today, a great tit came for bathing.


エロいだろう? Erotic, isn't it?


Yesterday, I as usual visited a gardening shop near my house. As my wife had requested, I bought a snack for our dog Max, and was given a coupon worth 500 yen. The coupon is a gift as a member of the shop that spent every 10,000 yen in total. I don't spend much for plants. The largest contributions are monthly shampooing of Max that the shop also do as a business.

I had received another coupon before, so I thought I had to spend at least one of them on the day.

Walking around in the shop for about thirty minutes, I found this "erodium pelargoniflorum".

Pretty flowers.


First of all the erotic name really attracted me.  Also, it can grow in winter as it is in a group of Geranium. And, probably it would not require a lot of care because I believe it would not want much water. One thing I have to be careful is avoid putting them in hot and humid environment as much as I can that is same for most of winter growing succulents.


Before I bought them, I had already decided the places to plant them. I have several pots of scented geraniums at our garden that tend to grow too tall and the base of the plants look desolated. I was going to plant them there as the Erodium are low growing and I hoped they would cover the soil of the pots.

I will show the result in a few months.