監察医 Medical examiner


Fine day from the morning. I conceived to finish things that I had been wanting to do. One is to modify water route of the sprinkler in my garden. I want to stop watering selaginella in winter by a valve while watering the other part of the garden. 

I bought parts for the job the other day, but I misunderstood about the current layout, so all I was able to do was to grasp types of additional parts necessary.

The second is to make a shelf to put on pots by stems of sky rocket, a kind of juniper. In this year, and last year two sky rockets died consecutively after growing more than fifteen years here. I thought it was because they got sick by lack of sufficient sunshine in winter. As the thickness of the trees is about 5cm, I wanted to make something out of them for their soul. About a week ago, I decided to make a shelf. I place pots where water from the sprinkler is sprayed to save trouble of hand watering during summer. They are put on the ground by now, but I considered smaller pots would look better if they are raised a little.

I had finished cutting parts from the stems. Now, I need to shape them and screw to assemble.

Today when I was shaping trees with a saw and chisel, the cause of the death of the trees was revealed.
It's this.

Here, too.

The pictures are of imagoes, but I saw a white larva, too.

There are so many tiny longicorn beetles in the stems. I knew they died because of them. By examining internet, they look like "Corymbia succedanea Lewis". I felt like a medical examiner pinning down the mysterious cause of death.


秋の花 Autumn flowers


Autumn is beautiful. It is, however, the season of the start of ending for the most of the plants. Leaves are going down after they changed their color like they cry.

At the same time, Autumn is a season of flourishing for some other plants. My Streptocarpus for example are enjoying cool weather giving us flowers and flowers.
You may say it is not fair to pick up a indoor plants for an example. Then, this Nerine is trying to flower some more after they finished the first round of blooming. 

Tilandsias are beginning to flower.

Winter clematis is about to bloom, too.

Even succulents bloom. These are flowers of Ruby neckless. 

My new arrangement, garden Cyclamen with Euphorbia.

Some prepares for the future descendants.
Haworthias look healthier than in summer.

I can enjoy outdoor gardening for a while.


赤 緑 黄色 Red, Green and Yellow

Autumn came, and my selaginella started coloring as usual. They haven't fully colored, but some are worth viewing. So, I decided to share some.


贈り物 Gift


I made several pots of succulents about a month ago that would be gifts to one of my friends. Now, they look ready to go, even though they might think them too many.

Since they are living at high elevation, I chose what are relatively winter-hardy. Actually, aeoniums and haworthias would do better there because they hate hot and humid summer.


晴れ Fine weather

Until the day before  yesterday, it has been rain for more than a week. I was afraid all the pots outside would go rotten.  Regardless of my fear, it looks like pots looks great in an autumn sun after all. 

I resumed my autumn work in the garden. One thing I did today was not planned to be done in autumn because I had thought it should be done in early spring. As I was not sure about the time I checked several net site and found I had to do it now. It is repotting and division of a primula that I bought this spring and planted in a rather small pot. Until last year, primulas in my garden mostly got very weak or die during summer. I was keeping them in rather dry condition. But, this year I kept it watered everyday and in the shade, and it turned out very good for it. As a result the pot was filled. 

Before I started, I planned to divide the plant into several parts and plant them back to one larger pot. After I divided them, however, I found myself with more than ten small plants in a tray. Then, I needed more than one pots. 
These are two of them.

These are the other two of them. As my work is not so delicate, some of the plants were divided with very little or no roots. The ones in a small brown pot are the ones with scarce. Even leaves are scarce. I have to watch carefully for a while how they will be. 

Others are as normal as the regular autumn. This one called elephant's foot grow a vine fiercely after long sleep during hot summer.

Gentians started flowering at last with some damage on leaves.

I planted one more agave outside of the gate.

Aren't agaves looking like protect our gate with those spines?

This one named Seyrigia humbertii grows well, but only these two branches. Is I wonder there is anyway making it grow with more but shorter branches. Maybe more sunshine?


忙しき日は続く Busy days continue.


As I had wrote before, autumn is one of the busiest season for gardeners. In these few days, I planted one more lenten rose, and two hydrangeas on the ground. The hydrangeas were what I bought this spring in Shizuoka prefecture.

Then, I also cut several branches of honey locust. Just a little parts of many pruning that I have to do in this autumn.

I arranged seven succulents pots as gifts to my friend family.

I have to move pots in the garden here and there so that the location of them suit well to cooler autumn sun. It is planned that four young hydrangeas that I propagated this spring are given to another family tomorrow.
Four hydrangeas waiting to move to new home.
After that I will have some more space to move around my pots more freely.

As season gets cooler, more work need to be conducted. Busy days will continue.


忙しい忙しい Busy busy


By a cool wind the typhoon #12 brought had us feel like autumn is not far.

Autumn, it is a season of busyness and exiting at the same time for gardeners as much as spring. We have to take care of plants that have been bearing the heat of Japanese summer to help them recover from their exhaustion. One way is replanting the plants that need ones. Another is feeding fertilizer. We have to prune branches of trees and dying annuals that wildly grew during summer. On the other hand, for orchids we have to have them prepare for the coming flowering season by reducing irrigation and stop fertilizing. I keep them under the water sprinkler, so I have to change their location or adjust the amount of water. Later on, we have to remove dead succulents and this year I will replant some succulents into small pots to make gifts. Also late in autumn, we have to prepare pots that have to be brought indoor during winter reducing the size of them by pruning branches. Another way is propagate plants from cuttings. Making smaller new plants from cutting is a good way to utilize spaces in my room. This must be begun earlier in autumn.  Etc., etc....

Today, I just started one of the tasks. I planted one of potted lenten roses on the ground. This is one of two pots I bought in the spring last year. I have been keeping them in pots because plans in the pots are easier to protect from varying environment by just relocating them. But, after it grows to certain size it becomes hard to keep in pots. I thought today was the time. While one task was done, I still have one more lenten rose and three hydrangea pots to plant. I have to find spaces for them first. Long way to go.

Leaving that aside, there was another task to be done. Since autumn is cooler and we have more rain, the plants, especially selaginellas and roses, tend to be affected by germs and get sick. I poured some germicide over my selaginellas.

This young girl called "Yang Kuei Fei" is looking well and started to turn the color.

This is called "Lions in a mirror", a name of Japanese traditional Japanese dances and "Kabuki" plays. It also started to change the color of leaves.

This looks sick since summer although it still lives. Maybe the pot is too large.

Anyway I have a lot to be done.