It rains 雨が降ります雨が降る



It was planned to continue repotting selaginellas today that I started since several days ago. The weather was predicted to rain from the afternoon, but it started to rain a little around 8 in the morning. I have to give up the repotting. Instead I planted hydrangea cuttings on the ground. When rain gets more, it will be good for the plants to get steady. They may be a little bit smaller for this, but I got a little tired of taking care of the potted hydrangea constantly worrying of watering them. Since the ground consists mostly of clay soil I dig a larger hole for them and filled the hole with a lot of organic compost and buried them there with some sand on top. Still I have to consider where to plant the remaining three pots, but at least these two became safe on the cosy partially shaded ground.

Peonies fully opened their petals today at last.

From a slightly different angle.

The Angela is fine too.