Macro マクロ


I have been considering to buy a macro lens for my Fuji X-E2 camera. Since I appreciate the camera more as I use it.

However, I was reminded that I bought a extension tubes a few years ago. At that time it was to copy my old positive slide pictures. Since that activity did not last long as I was not fully satisfied with the outcome, the tubes has been stored in a drawer. I took one out and tried a few shots with my XF 18-55 lens.
These are the results.


I first tried to focus at the widest and most tele side of zooming, and found out they are not good to take regular macro shot. They extend the object too much.
It looks like the middle position, say 35mm is appropriate for me.
F7.1 24.3mm
彪紋 Ledebouria socialis
 F7.1 35.8mm
Albuca spiralis アルブカ・スピラリス ‘フリズルシズル’
 F11 35.8mm

The pictures above were taken using auto-aperture mode.
The two below are by manual aperture setting.

F22  35.8mm

F11  35.8mm

It looks OK for the time being even though the tele side of focusing is very limited.