Warming up #1 暖かく その1


It is warm and fine day, again. It is a weather of May according to TV. It will rain tomorrow, so within today I took pictures of young leaves and spring flowers coming prettier recently.
I will introduce these in two parts. The reason I sprit in two parts is that in this Blogger system I was warned the total length of label must  be less than 200 characters.

Part one is for young leaves.

ザクロ。去年?一昨年? 種を播いた苗だ。枝が細いので冬の間こわごわ見ていたが、生きていたようだ。
Pomegranate. I think it was last year, or the year before, the plants grew from seedings. As the branches are so thin, I was afraid they were dead whenever I saw them during winter. Never the less, they are good.

Peony. This was given from the garden of my grandmother in law. Last year it did not bloom well probably because it did not get enough sunshine. I pruned branches above this last autumn, so I hope they will be good.

Marronnier. It is called "Tochinoki" in Japan, but as they were souvenirs from Paris, they are marronnier.

アメリカサイカチ。我が家の木はSalt lake cityが故郷だ。大きくなり過ぎないように毎年大胆に剪定しているが、元気に新芽が出てきた。
Honey Locust. The hometown of the tree in my garden is Salt lake city. It showed energetic leaves even though I prune the tree boldly every year not to let them grow too large.

Pawpaw. I was given the sees the year before last year. It came over one winter as seeds and one winter as a young plant.

Maple. This came to our garden more than fifteen years ago. The crimson leaves in spring and fall are really beautiful.


Heucherella. I thought it was dead, but the young leaves came out for us. I studied what is the difference between Heucherella and Hewchera, and found out that Hewcherella is a crossbred of Hewchera and Tiarella.


#2 is for spring flowers.