Brave or Too merry? 勇敢、それとも浮かれ過ぎ?


About a month ago, I wrote that one of my dendrobium did not succeed in flowering. However, fortunately it was a miscomprehension. The bud that I thought to be leaves turned out to be all flowers. Probably about twenty of flowers in total.

More buds for flowers.

Talking about flowering, this is a planter of snapdragons. The amazing thing is these are all growing naturally from self-sawn seeds. I bought several pots only once a few years ago. Every year after that they grow from self-sawn seeds. Snapdragon likes cold weather, and grows even in winter. They are ready to decorate early spring.

Talking about cold days, this week the weather is like back to winter, and north wind is blowing fiercely. But, there is a brave and merry one always. Only one kernia flower bloomed yesterday. Ooops, too early.