They are Lenten Roses. レンテンローズだよ

Yesterday, it was unusually warm days throughout Japan. Here, it went higher than 20C, the temperature of April or early May. 

Temped by the unusually warm days, my Christmas roses just can't wait to bloom. The buds started to swell here and there.

Actually, the name Christmas rose originally represents Helleborus Niger that really bloom in the Christmas seasons. However in Japan, all Helleborus genus including the most popular H.Orientalis are called as Christmas roses even though H.Orientalis does not flower at the Christmas seasons. H.Orientalis has a more proper name Lenten Rose the name commonly used in England and the other places. I think the name Lenten Rose came from the season it blooms, but at the same time I also feel the quiet and modest colors of flowers look proper for the abstinence period.

This plant grew from a self-sown seed facing our house entrance. It started to bloom from last season.

Same bud with a different camera and lens combination.

This one is at the entrance of our parking area. Mixture of red and green.

White ones look clean, pure, soft, and smooth.

Oops, this one has bloomed already taking advantage of the location with abundant sunshine even in winter.