Fin spreading ヒレ広げ


今朝水槽を掃除していたら、二匹のバタフライ・レインボー・フィッシュがヒレを広げてお互いにぶつかり合っているのを見つけた。これは一部の種のオスの魚に良くある行動で、相手のオスを脅すのだ。発情期かな? この種はオスが一匹しかいないと思っていたが気づかない内にもう一匹現れたようだ。あまり目立たない魚だが、争うオスは確かに目につくよ。

This morning when I was cleaning my aquarium, I found two Butterfly Rainbow Fish were spreading their fins and bumping each other. This is often seen behavior of some kinds of male fish trying to menace another  male. They are in mating seasons? I thought there were only one male, but apparently another male appeared while I had not noticed. The fish are not so eye catching usually, but fighting males stand out enough indeed.


This picture is with Rosy Tetra. Two males are fishing along, but not in peaceful manner.

Bumping each other again.

These are taken with Baloon Neon Dwarf Rainbow fish. The fins of the males can be seen tattered.


Meanwhile a Gold Nugget Plecostomus came in view. It is very shy, and it is very rare to come out in view when a human is close to the tank.

And, it has gone to the hiding place through this entrance.