忙しい忙しい Busy busy


By a cool wind the typhoon #12 brought had us feel like autumn is not far.

Autumn, it is a season of busyness and exiting at the same time for gardeners as much as spring. We have to take care of plants that have been bearing the heat of Japanese summer to help them recover from their exhaustion. One way is replanting the plants that need ones. Another is feeding fertilizer. We have to prune branches of trees and dying annuals that wildly grew during summer. On the other hand, for orchids we have to have them prepare for the coming flowering season by reducing irrigation and stop fertilizing. I keep them under the water sprinkler, so I have to change their location or adjust the amount of water. Later on, we have to remove dead succulents and this year I will replant some succulents into small pots to make gifts. Also late in autumn, we have to prepare pots that have to be brought indoor during winter reducing the size of them by pruning branches. Another way is propagate plants from cuttings. Making smaller new plants from cutting is a good way to utilize spaces in my room. This must be begun earlier in autumn.  Etc., etc....

Today, I just started one of the tasks. I planted one of potted lenten roses on the ground. This is one of two pots I bought in the spring last year. I have been keeping them in pots because plans in the pots are easier to protect from varying environment by just relocating them. But, after it grows to certain size it becomes hard to keep in pots. I thought today was the time. While one task was done, I still have one more lenten rose and three hydrangea pots to plant. I have to find spaces for them first. Long way to go.

Leaving that aside, there was another task to be done. Since autumn is cooler and we have more rain, the plants, especially selaginellas and roses, tend to be affected by germs and get sick. I poured some germicide over my selaginellas.

This young girl called "Yang Kuei Fei" is looking well and started to turn the color.

This is called "Lions in a mirror", a name of Japanese traditional Japanese dances and "Kabuki" plays. It also started to change the color of leaves.

This looks sick since summer although it still lives. Maybe the pot is too large.

Anyway I have a lot to be done.