moss and moss コケコケ

2015.9 12

When I travel, sometimes I bring back mosses that are not familiar.
This was found when we had a trip to Horaiji Mtn. and surrounding area.
I think this is Leucobryum juniperoideum, White moss.



This is the one I found when we visited "Muroji" temple.
I think this is Fissidens dubius, Rock/Maidenhair Pocket-moss.
This is not so well grow in the environment of us, always repeating about to extinct and coming back.

This is one that I bought for decorating my fish aqua-terrarium. It is called "South American willow moss" in Japan very common for aquarium in Japan. Last year I tried to plant at the edge of a small pond in our garden. Even though it is tropic, it seems it liked the environment and keep growing.

A close-up.

ミズゴケ。 蠅捕草かサラセニアを買って上と同じ池に植えた時に鉢植え使われていたものが広がってしまった。食虫植物の方は枯れてしまったが。
Sphagnum. I think this has grown from the one used as soil substitute when I bought Dionaea or Sarracenia and planted in the pond as same as above. The carnivorous plants died.