More bulbs and one more challenge もっと球根を、そして再度チャレンジ


I went to semiannual "Nagoya Cactus Club" exhibition and sale. This time, there are a lot of young, old, male and female ordinary people, not maniacs filled the site. I picked up three even though we hardly have free space to accommodate them in winter.

This is one of them Bowiea Volubilis, Climbing Onion. The bulb of this plant is buried and hidden, but I know it has a bulb like an onion that is the reason of the common name. After I came back home, I googled and found a good news. It is easy to cultivate than I imagined.

The next one is Seyrigia Humbertii. I thought this was a kind of cactus, but found out this is also bulbous.

The third one is Pleiospilos Bolusii. Some of you may know I killed two Pleiospilos before. I hope, "The third time pays for all."

By the way, this is the remain of "Royal flash" that was rotten and dried this past summer.