Good news and Bad news


There are a good news and a bad news, today.
First the good news is that Lemon I brought back from my travel started to grow again.  I had it sun burnt about a month ago when I put it outside for the first time.  Halves of the leaves have gone, but today I found tiny new leaves came out.

続いて悪いニュース。 4月に新芽を出したと言っていたBegonia masoniana のことだ。先ず、あの後少々水をやりすぎて大分弱らせてしまった。その後10日程家を留守にした。留守の間は自動スプリンクラーが水をやってくれるはずだった。しかし、家に帰って見つけたものは乾燥した土と葉っぱ。帰る前日の以上熱波が原因なのかそれともポットの置き場所が悪かったのか判ら無い。しかし、未だ諦めていない、毎日水をやっている。

Now, the bad news is about Begonia masoniana that showed new leaves in April.  First I had it too wet and it became weak.  After that I was out of house about ten days.  While I am not at home, automatic sprinkler was supposed to keep it moist.  However, what I found when I came home is dried soil and leaves.  I don't know if it was because of unusual heat waves that attacked the area one day before, or my placement of the pot on the shelf was not good.  Still I have not given up and keep on watering it every day.