Almost given up そろそろ捨てようかと思っていた

ポーポーって知ってるかな? 果樹の名前なのだ。一寸熱帯系の感じがする名前だろう?しかし、温帯の植物、しかも寒さに非常に強い。去年の11月蓼科に行った時に、ペンションのオーナーがこの果物を出してくれて、種蒔いてみたらと勧められたのだ。
Do you know Pawpaw?  It is a name of a fruit tree.  Sounds like tropical, isn't it?  But, it is temperate, and very winter hardy.  Last November when we visited Tateshina, the owner of the hotel gave us the fruits and suggested me to seed the seeds.
Seven month since then, nothing happened in the pots... Just until today.

When I was hanging around as usual in this morning, I noticed this.

And this.

Two similar sprouts in two different pots. No doubt. They showed that they are alive when I almost give them up.

There is another one unexpected.  I thought this is a leaf plants from Australia.  Recently it started to bloom strange flower. Surprising.