Leak 漏れた

The fish tank is doing fine without any filtering or any water circulation almost twenty days.  However, I found a different problem.  Water LEAK!!

A few days after I cleaned my fish tank and stopped filtering like I wrote previously, I discovered some water in the filter room below the main tank.  As it is too bad news to consider that there was leak, I decided to regard it was water that spilt during my cleaning the filter tank.  However, even several days after I wiped the water, the water came from somewhere.  Looking at closely I found out there was leak at the hole of the main tank where the overflow pipe goes through.

Next morning I went to a DIY shop near-by and  bought cement that works for the wet surface.

It was not easy to work as it is in a small box and two pipes are located very closely, but I struggled to apply the cement, and the result is this.  Not so bad?

Also, I was worrying that the leak would worsen as time until I found out the real cause of the leak, that was a little dislocation of overflow pipe that probably I did it when I cleaned the filtering tank.  Before I applied the cement, I fixed this too.

After nine hours, no more leak so far!!